Marry Me, Amy Butler!

I’m only 5% kidding.

Amy Butler is a goddess. I think that I would actually have trouble speaking if I ever met her. First, gorgeous adorable cute fabric, and now… WALLPAPER? Amy B. — you are perfect.

I’m so tempted to wallpaper one of the walls in our living room with Lacework (in ocean) because, well, it just speaks shouts to me. Todd has reminded me that our walls are textured and it would be a nightmare sanding them down. And then there’d be the matter of actually putting up the wallpaper. And then there will come the day that we put our place up for sale and every single person who comes to look will really realllly love it except for the wallpaper so no one ever buys it and Todd and I live sadly ever after.

Immeasurable heartbreak, friends. I love this wallpaper, but Todd is making too much sense. Or is he? Feel free to comment and change my mind.

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  1. kristin says:

    I think you should totally put up the wallpaper. Go for it!

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